HTML Links

A hyperlink interconnects the current web page with the other web pages available on the internet.

In HTML, you can create a hyperlink by using the anchor element(A).
The hyperlink redirects the user to another HTML page, image, or file.
The A element uses the href attribute to specify the target resource or document that you want to open when the user clicks the hyperlink.
href is for hypertext reference.

Hyperlink is an underlined word or collection of words, or an image or icon, which is linked with a specific address. In this section, you learn to use a hyperlink in a web page.



<TITLE>Example of hyperlink</TITLE>



<H1>This is the Heading Tag.</H1>

<p><a href=” nextpage.html”>Click on the link</a></p>



Result of Example : –


Html Hyperlink


HTML Links Target Attribute :- 

The target atttribute of the A element is used to specify the frame or the window in which you want to open the reference page. you can open the reference page  in the same window, new window,new tag or in user-defined frame.

<H1><A href=”nexpage.html”>Go the Next page.</A>
<H3>Heading tag Inside the Body Tag.</H3>


Result :- 

Hyperlink in HTML




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