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  HTML is one of the oldest Language of the Computer World. Html Stands for Hyper text Markup Language. Html is used for the designing of page. Html have importance in web-designing. Html have predefined text, Normally every tag have starting and Closing braces. eg : – <html> is the start Tag, and </html> is the end tag. Html Coding comes between the <html>…………………….</html>.


HTML elements form the building blocks of all websites. HTML allows images and objects to be embedded and can be used to create interactive forms. It provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items. It can embed scripts written in languages such as JavaScript which affect the behavior of HTML web pages.

Web browsers can also refer to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define the look and layout of text and other material. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), maintainer of both the HTML and the CSS standards, encourages the use of CSS over explicit presentational HTML.

     Editor :-

  • For HTML , We can use Notepad
  • Dreamweaver
  • Notepad++
  • Netbean

How to save HTML File  :-

  • Open your Favourite Text Editor from Above List and Type Your HTML Code in the Text Editor. HTML Example is given below.



  <head> <title>HTML title</title></head>


    <p>This is a  Paragraph.</p>

   <h1>Heading of the Page.</h1>

   <h2>Heading of the Pagae.</h2>




  • HTML have one start Tag and one Ending Tag.
  • In the Above Example <HTML> is the start tag of any HTML  and their always one Ending Tag </HTML>
  • In the next Line We have <HEAD> Tag, and one Closing Tag. </HEAD>. Between the <HEAD> Tag , We give the Title of the Page with the help of <TITLE> Page title, which will be shown, in the Corner of the page in the Browser. </TITLE> . 
  • Normally, We add JAVA SCRIPT and CSS  between the Head Tag.
  • <BODY>  tag is used to Write the main Content of  the page.
  • We write whole content between the <BODY> tag and , in the end we close the </BODY> Tag.
  • Inside the <BODY> Tag , We write the Content.
  • <P> Tag is used to give the Paragraph</P>.
  • <H1> Tag is used to give Heading of any Line</H1>. We have six  type of Heading. In the Above Example, We used two heading.
  • <H2>is used to give Heading</H2>. This tag also Come in Heading tags.
  • Heading tag, send the Cursor automatically in next Line.

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