The date time-local type of the input control is used to enter the date and time in the input control. When the date and time is defined as the type of the input control,  a date time picker is provided on a form to select the date, month, year , and time. You can select the date and time according to your appropriate time zone. In addition, you can set the minimum and maximum date and time values by using the in and max attributes.


 The date , month ,week and time Types :-


You can also set the type of  the input control to datetime, date ,month, week , and time separately.


<head> <title> About date</title></head>
<h1> we are working date attribute</h1>
Select your date : <input type="date" >

Result of  HTML Date ->





Date Attribute in HTML

We have many code Attribute for Date : –


  • date
    <input name=”Date1″ type=”date”>
  • datetime
    <input name=”DateTime1″ type=”datetime-local”>
  • week
    <input name=”Week1″ type=”week”>
  • month
    <input name=”Month1″ type=”month”>
  • time
    <input name=”Time1″ type=”time”>

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