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The Process of displaying colors by using different combination of red, green, and blue is known as the RGB configuration. In the RGB configuration, the value of each color(red, green and blue) ranges from  0 to 255 in decimal. The color specified by 255,0,0 represents the red color because its first dial contains value 255 that represents the red color, while the second dial representing the greenn color and third dial representing the blue color.


The color name their RBG Values :-

Black       -    rgb(0,0,0)

Silver      -    rgb(192,192,192)

Gray       -    rgb(128,128,128)

White     -     rgb(255,255,255)

Maroon  -    rgb(128,0,0)

Red       -     rgb(255,0,0)

Purple    -     rgb(128,0,128)

Fuchsia  -    rgb(255,0,255)

Green    -     rgb(0,255,0)

Lime      -      rgb(0,255,0)

Olive2    -      rgb(128,128,0)

yellow    -      rgb(255,255,0)

Navy     -      rgb(0,0,128)

Blue      -      rgb(0,0,255)

Teal      -      rgb(0,128,128)

Aqua    -      rgb(0,255,255)

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