C Overview

C Language is the Basic of modern Computer Language. C Language programs are efficient, fast, and highly portable, means  C Programs written on one computer can be run on another with a little or no modifications.

C Overview and Features :->

  C Language is a High Level Language but sometimes. We call it middle level Language because it combines the feature of high Level Language and Functionality like assembly Language. So it reduce the gap between high level Language and low Level Language that’s why , we call it middle Level Language.

  It is well sited for Writing both applications and Software and System Software.

  C Language is a structural Language. it is similar in many ways to other structural Languages such as PASCAL,FORTRAN etc.

A structured Language whose rich set of built in (pre-defined) funcitons and operators can be used to write any complex program.

 Overview of C Programs:-

   Documentation Sections:-

The Documentation Section consists of a set of comments, lines giving the name of the Program, the author and other details which the Programmer would  like to use later.

   Linke Section:-

The Link section provides instructions to the Compiler to link functions from System Library.

   Definition Sections :-

The Definition section defines all Symbolic constants.

   Global Declaration Sections :-

This section declares some variables that are used in more than one functions. These variables are known as global variables. The Variables must be declared outside of all the functions.

   Main() functions Sections :-

In C every Program must contain main() function. Empty parenthesis after main are necessary.

The functions main() is the starting point of every ‘C’ Program. The Execution of the Program always begins with the functions main().

The Program execution start with the opening braces ( { ) and ends with closing braces( } ). Between these two braces the Programmer should declare the declaration and the executable part and ends with a semi-colon( ; ).

   Sub-Program Section :-

The sub-program section contains all the user-defined functions that are called in main() functions. User-defined functions are generally placed immediately after the main() functions, although they may appear in any order.



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