C++ operator


C++ Operator:-   When, we perform specific operation on operand with the help of operator.

Example of C++ operator :  int  a+b;

In the above Example, we have a and b operand, ‘+’ is the arithmetic operator.

We classified the operators in different type such as :-

  • Arithmetic
  • Relational
  • Logical/Boolean
  • Assignment
Arithmetic Operators :-

+                           Plus

-                             Minus

*                             Multiplicaiton

/                             Division

%                           Modulus Operator

Relational Operators :-

Operators                                Meaning

<                                              Less than

<=                                            Less  than or Equal to

==                                            Equal

===                                          Strictly Equal to

>=                                            Greater than

>=                                            Greater than or Equal to

!=                                             Not equal to

Logical /Boolean Operators  :-


Operators                    Logical Operator                     Meaning

!                                   NOT                                         Unary Operator

&&                               AND                                         Binary Operator

||                                 OR                                           Binary Operator

Assignment Operator

(=)  Assignment Operator,  it assign the value of right hand side to the left hand side

Int    a=4;

In t the Above Example, We assign the value of 4 to the ‘a’  Variable.

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