C ++

C++ is an object oriented language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983.It is a cross platform independent language.C++ is developed from C Language.C++ is widely accepted language for Software industry. C++ is used in game, desktop application and in software industry. Extension of C++ Language is .cpp.

IDE for C++ Language :-

We have many IDE for C++ is Eclipse, Netbeans, Digital Mars,

Code::Blocks, C Free, Dev C++, Code Lite, Mingw,

Ultimate++, Bloodshed Dev C++, Mircrosoft Visual Studio Express,

Borland C++, Turbo C++

C++ is a Object Oriented language, Object oriented Language has Encapsulation, Inheritance,Polymorphism.

Encapsulation :-

Encapsulation is the process that binds together code and the data it manipulates, and keep code safe from outside interference.

To relate this to the real world, consider the automatic transmission on an automobile. It encapsulates many information about your engine, such as accelerating, the pitch of the surface you are on, position of shift lever and many more.


Inheritance :-

Inheritance is the process by which one Object acquires the properties of another Object. We can show inheritance in a hierarchical classification.  Example : – child class inherit the property of parents class while adding additional properties and methods of its own.

Polymorphism :-

Polymorphism means many form. Means object behave differently in different environment. Human being behave differently in different situation, Example : Women play role of mother if she has child, same women with parent behave differently with parents, with brother and sister, she behave differently. In object oriented language, we can say that one interface multiple methods.


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