C Language is the General Purpose programming Language developed from ALGOL(ALGOrithmic Language),BCPL(Basic Combined Programming Language), B Language, By Dennis Ritchie at Bell Laboratories in 1972. We provides solution using C Tutorial.


For many years there was no standard version of C Language. Due to this reason , portability feature of C Language was not provided from one Computer to Another

To Overcome this a Committee was set up in summer of 1983 to create a Standard C Version i.e  was popularly known as “ANSI” (American National Standard Institute)

The Standardization process took about 6 year for defining the C Language. The ANSI  C was Adopted of C Language was introduced int eh Market in 1990. This, ANSI C  is internationally recognized as a Standard C Language.

The Purpose of this Standard is to enhance the Portability and efficient different Computers.

C Tutorial :->

C Language is very simple and most popular Language. In time of Object Oriented , C Language have their importance.

A lot of Question arise in our mind , why we use the C Language.

C Tutorial try to give full knowledge of your questions. But after a long journey , C Language have their importance.

  •  C Language give birth to other Computer Language like , C++ , java C# and many more.
  • it  is used in Compilers.
  • It also  play a vital role in software industry.
  • when , the matter of performance , no other Language can beat C Language. C Language is very faster Language like Assembly Language.
  • In  Operating System also we use C Language.
  • C Language is used to make text Editor and many software like this.

Step by step Solution using C Tutorial.



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